About Parent App

Key Features

Parant App will Help to keep tracking the prograss of your ward , there acadamic and extra cericular activity, Homework, Attendance and other information.


Parents will be able to track attendance from their mobile device anytime, anywhere using the Attendance Tracking feature of the mobile portal, ParentApp. It is an ideal way to check on your child whenever you feel like checking. As a parent, first login to the ParentApp, then select ‘Attendance’ menu.


You can login to your account in the ParentApp and see if there are any fee dues to be paid. This helps you to avoid unnecessary fine amount. The fee details will include the due date, and fees under various heads such as Tuition Fee, Bus Fee, Admin Fee, Act Fee etc. and the total amount.


You don’t need to wait for the physical progress report of your children to arrive anymore. With the ParentApp mobile application, you will receive your children’s school results at your fingertips. Our application shows you semester wise results with grades for each subject.


You get to know all the latest happenings at your child’s school with the Notice Board. Circulars, schedules, timetables,Homework, Exam timetable etc in time. All of these details can be downloaded in PDF format from the Notice Board. It’s a great way to know about extracurricular activities.


The communication center serves as a point of contact between parents and school principals or teachers. It helps you to keep tab of your child’s progress. Be it feedback about progress, discipline or any other aspect, the communication center serves as an ideal tool to parents and teachers alike.


Provide feedback about your children to school teachers or the management in no time with the Feedback Section. It saves you a visit to your child’s school. If you want to know more about Feedback Section, drop us a mail @ support@zksolutions.in or give us a call.


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